Welcome! You have reached the PDA Foundations Study Module registration site. If you are a Florida educator preparing for the ESE K-12 certification exam and wish to pursue an independent content review, without the option of earning in-service credit or instructional support, please read the following terms of access.

Terms of Access

The FDLRS Administration/HRD Project is offering access to the PDA Foundations Module exclusively for Florida educators seeking independent content review in preparation for the ESE K-12 certification exam. Participants who register for access to this study module will not receive in-service points, instructional assistance, or monitoring of any nature. Participants are required to register through the statewide FDLRS HRD Coordinating Unit and participant certification status will be monitored. The registration process requires participants to complete a demographic survey prior to accessing the module that includes information as to their current teaching position and when they plan to take the certification exam. The Foundations Study Module will be available for participant access for six weeks from the date of enrollment. At the end of six weeks access to the module material will automatically terminate. All participants are required to complete a satisfaction survey upon completion of their content review.

If you are a Florida educator who is pursuing ESE K-12 certification and who agrees to provide demographic and satisfaction survey feedback as outlined in the above terms, please continue with the registration process.

NOTE: The priority of the FDLRS Administration/HRD Project continues to be to encourage all participants to become fully engaged in locally delivered PDA modules. This study module is strictly an innovative effort to respond to a focused request and should not be construed as a course of movement away from our established facilitated module delivery. This module reflects all content reflected in the regular version of the Foundations module offered through local FDLRS Associate centers, including assessment tasks and references to facilitative support. Participants are advised that assessment tasks are not required and instructional facilitative support referenced within the module content, is not available.

Registration Instructions

  1. Complete the demographic information and click the "Submit" button.  Your six week access will begin on the date you click on this button.  Please note, that when you return to this site, you can go straight to the login page and skip this step.
  2. Click the "View Course Content" link.
  3. When you are finished viewing the course content, please make sure you complete the satisfaction survey.